Reconstruction of the accommodation facilities at the student dormitories of the Technical University of Liberec

2008  ·  Accommodation facilities

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 264,000,000

A complete reconstruction of the complex. The indoor reconstruction of six nine-storey (descending floors with outdoor terraces), accommodation structures of the student dormitories. The structures differ in design and disposition – buildings A, B and C are divided horizontally, they have central staircases with lifts, side exit staircases and each floor has a corridor, which provides access to the individual units. Buildings D, E and F are divided vertically; each of them has four sections, always with a staircase and a lift accessing an entrance hall. This project was about the reconstruction of the accommodation units consisting of two rooms, kitchenette and bathroom and toilet. In part of the construction it included a replacement of the lift technology, in another part it was a demolition of the existing sanitary facilities and construction of new facilities from plasterboard with a ceramic lining and tiling with a replacement of all utility lines in the installation shafts. A further part of this project was equipping the units with furniture – beds, desks, kitchen units, built-in wardrobes, change of the doors, windows, enclosed balcony glass fillings, all flooring covers with a replacement of the under layer in the flat units, corridors and stair cases, and painting. The construction was very complicated in terms of coordination, because a large amount of works could only be done during the holiday. Then we also reconstructed an old heat exchanger facility into a university club with complete equipment, facilities, kitchen and bowling track. Another part of the contract was also reconstruction of surrounding areas, which serve as a car park with a central complex stair case (the complex is situated on a slope), sewerage network and a road in the complex including the central car park with a public transport bus stop, everything with an asphalt surface.

  • client
    The Technical University of Liberec
    10/2006 - 10/2008