Raspenava – repair of roads, flood in August 2010

2013  ·  Traffic constructions

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 139,000,000

The reconstruction of roads with the total surface area equalling 49,238 m2 concerned the following streets: V Udoli street reconstruction: cycle trail, road and turning point repair; Luhova street reconstruction: road repair incl. building of gabion retaining walls, 2 culverts (DN 400, DN 2×600), stormwater sewer system (DN 300) and water mains relocation; Reconstruction of V Lokalite 1-5 streets: road repair, building of a gabion retaining wall and a stormwater sewer (DN 300); reconstruction of Lucni, V Lokalitach 17-19, 22, Zahradni streets, part of Okruzni street and Na Kopecku, Pricna, Polni, Na Vysluni, Slunecni, V lokalitach 6-9, 11 and 13-16 streets: repairs of roads and stormwater sewers (DN 300); Reconstruction of Za Mlynem, V Lokalite 21, Pod Strani and Do Ferdinandova streets: road repairs; Reconstruction of Nabrezni and Lokality 12 streets: Road repair (there was a reinforced concrete wall built in Nabrezni street and relocation of public lighting was carried out in addition to this); Reconstruction of Jablonova and Lokality 20 streets: road repairs, building of 2 reinforced concrete walls and stormwater sewers (DN 300); Do Pekla street reconstruction: road repair, culvert (DN 1000) installation.

  • client
    Town of Raspenava
    07/2012 - 12/2013