Relocation of road II/592 Chrastava

2011  ·  Traffic constructions

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 42,000,000

The reconstruction of Pobrezni street which included width optimization of this local road and addition of a pavement for pedestrians. The project is a continuation of the already implemented Stage I of the relocation of road II/592 in Chrastava and it joins it in the cadastral area. Due to the designed optimum horizontal alignment and in order to meet the requirement for minimum appropriation of private land, it was necessary to build the new bank wall further in the Jerice river bed in part of the route. The fence relocated due to the appropriation of a part of private land was designed as an acoustic barrier consisting of concrete blocks and transparent material in the parts where listed buildings are located. The project also included forced relocations of utility lines and design of a footbridge over the Jerice river which directly joins the reconstructed areas and the newly built bank wall. The project included removal of the damage caused by floods in 2010 to stage I – repairs of pavements, sound barrier and part of the road

  • client
    The town of Chrastava
    10/2010 - 10/2011