Narodni trida subway station – repair and construction of lift station

2011  ·  Traffic constructions

The 1st stage of the project (Lift to Narodni trida subway station) included new construction of lifts from the platform of Narodni trida subway station (B line) to Magdaleny Dobromily Rettigove street near Lazarska tram stop.

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 149,000,000

The construction was a combination of two lift shafts with a pair of lifts and an intermediate underground transfer gallery. The first shaft has an oval profile and a ditch depth of 30.38 m, while the second shaft is rectangular with the depth of 13.46 m. Each of the lifts used has a loading capacity of 1,200 kg. The lifting height of the lifts in S1 shaft is 28.03 m (an excavated shaft with an oval profile, double walling with intermediate insulation, the shaft is stabilized with a secant pile wall embedded in the bedrock; the primary support of the shaft is made of shotcrete reinforced with lattice arch ovals and welded steel meshes). The lifting height in S2 shaft is 10.92 m. The disabled access capacity is 720 people/hr in one direction. The project also included installation of a guidance information system from the tram stops in Spalena street. The project constituted a demanding underground construction built in the same way as mines in the given conditions. A glazed lift entrance was built on the street level. The disabled access was built with the station fully operating.

  • client
    Dopravni podnik hl. m. Prahy, akciova spolecnost
    10/2009 - 05/2011