Reconstruction and completion of Vrsovice chateau

2013  ·  Accommodation facilities

This project included an extensive reconstruction and completion of Vrsovice chateau (also called Rangerka) premises located between Moskevska and Heroldovy sady streets.

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 282,000,000

The subject of this technologically demanding reconstruction was temporary underpinning of the building using micropiles in a trestle structure; erection of reinforced concrete retaining walls for the reconstruction of the whole area around the original building; demolition of original staircases, windows and inner doors; earthwork, stabilization of the foundation pit by means of a soldier pile and lagging wall, excavation of the underground floor; restoration work associated with the repair of the original masonry and building of new masonry; repair of the original arching and installation of new composite steel and concrete ceilings; reconstruction of roof beams consisting in partial replacement of the damaged original wooden construction with a steel one and repair of the original roof beams under the tower; complete reconstruction of the tower; new internal lime-cement plasters, complete repair of the façade, incl. decorative elements or Roman cement and base insulation, floors, plasterboard constructions, locksmith elements, painting, varnishing; delivery and installation of new solid oak doors incl. elements carved pursuant to surviving original photographs; delivery and installation of internal doors (veneer and steel); delivery and installation of oak scuntion windows based on an original window; complete performance of TBE works (LV, HV, M&R, internal water distribution, a sewerage system, gas mains, heating, air-conditioning, cooling equipment, a diesel aggregate and a transformer station); installation of connections to the public sewer system (incl. so-called tunnelling), water mains, gas mains, LV O2, hard surfaces and roads (pavements – Prague mosaic, asphalt surface) and landscaping, incl. irrigation systems. As the building is a protected cultural heritage building, all construction work was carried out under permanent supervision of the National Heritage Institute. Vrsovice chateau will newly serve as a retirement house (with the capacity of up to 80 seniors) as well as representative premises of the Municipality of Prague 10 District incl. a ceremonial room.

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    Prague 10 district
    08/2010 - 09/2013
    Prague 10