AGRO Otrokovice – MITAS Manufacturing Complex

2013  ·  Manufacturing halls and warehousing

This project consisted of the construction of a manufacturing plant producing tyres for agricultural vehicles. The manufacturing plant has been designed as a single unit (monoblock) from the visual and mass point of view.

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 530,000,000

The main buildings in the manufacturing plant premises include a manufacturing hall (SO 01) with a three-storey administrative and sanitary annex (SO 02) in the north section and a two-storey service annex housing an energy centre (SO 03) in the south-west section (air-conditioning machine shop, boiler room, compressor room, etc). The main entrance into the building and a side entrance for employees are a part of the administrative and sanitary annex building. Other independent buildings include two gatehouses, a fire reserve, a machine shop, a waste storage place, a structure housing the main gas shut-off valve, a cooling and nitrogen station, a rainwater pumping station with a retention tank and small structures (flag poles, bike shelter). The contract included the complete TBE and complete equipment including an energy centre and service units for the operation of manufacturing technologies, namely a steam boiler room, distribution pipes and sources of vacuum, loose waste, hydraulic water, industrial cooling, HPA, tower cooling and nitrogen and steam distribution pipes. The delivered engineering structures included mainly the final landscaping and groundwork, special-purpose roads, a stormwater sewer connection, a light liquid separator, a stormwater pumping station with a retention tank, a wastewater sewer connection, a water mains connection, a fire fighting and utility water connection, relocations of the current utility lines, relocation of HV lines, external electricity wiring, external LV wiring, relocation of LV, gas mains connection and gas distribution piping in the premises.

  • client
    MITAS a.s.
    08/2012 - 09/2013