NDS 10 neutralization and decontamination station

2012  ·  Ecological structures and services

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 1,368,000,000

Majority of building structures are situated in the sludge lagoon area. These are purely technological buildings (neutralization, filtration, ammonia stripping and stripping steam source). Other buildings which are situated in other premises of DIAMO state-owned enterprise include – lime slurry preparation plant, 3HB pumping station, input solution pumping, steel structures and pipe bridge foundations and the reconstruction of discharge tanks. In these cases the existing buildings were reconstructed or the construction work completed which was necessary due to technological reasons. The construction work also included engineering structures – stormwater sewers, sanitary sewers, drinking water, outdoor lighting, fire-fighting water and roads and reinforced surfaces. The work also included the demolition of the existing SO 128 buildings – Demolition and ground shaping and Demolition of pumping station II and the delivery of technology. Technology delivery included an electric part and measurement and regulation. The contractor further ensured the drawing up of project documentation and engineering activities.

  • client
    DIAMO, state-owned enterprise
    09/2009 - 07/2012
    Straz pod Ralskem