Building a structure for ‘Mother liquor processing‘ in the premises of the company DIAMO, s.p.

2009  ·  Ecological structures and services

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 348,000,000

The building of the new construction is directly connected to an already existing and running technology ‘Acid solution disposal facility (ASDF I)’, which cleans the residual process solutions. Providing for the goal parameter of remediation (average content of dissolved substances under the ground) and meeting the anticipated time for the remediation it was necessary to keep to the planned annual volume of substances pumped from the underground. The residual concentrated process solutions after extracting the alum are neutralised, and the final product, dehydrated sediment from the neutralization, is stored in the sludge lagoon of the former chemical preparation plant DIAMO, state-owned enterprise, Uranium mining and treatment branch. The filtered material is used in NDS 6 technology or alternatively used in in-situ immobilization, or else for lime slurry preparation. By using this technology it was possible to keep the planned time for the remediation without increasing financial funds, which would have been necessary in case of prolongation of the remediation time.

  • client
    OHL ZS, a.s.
    12/2007 - 09/2009
    Straz pod Ralskem