Removal of the solutions from underground mining of uranium – Stage I

1996  ·  Ecological structures and services

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 340,000,000

The aim of this project was the reconstruction of the current industrial structure which had never been finished due to the decline of uranium mining in the Straz pod Ralskem area. The purpose of the completed construction was the treatment of underground water which is heavily contaminated due to the previous chemical mining of uranium. Constructionally speaking, the whole project thus constituted to an ordinary large-scale reconstruction of an industrial building. However, what made it interesting was its connection to an installed technology, the major part of which had been delivered from the USA. The management of technology assembly and supervision over the correct interlacing of the construction and technological parts were ensured by overseas specialists. The project also included a several-kilometre-long underground collector for the pipes transporting the water to be treated and other small structures in the former mining area.

  • client
    DIAMO, a.s.
    09/1994 - 06/1996
    Straz pod Ralskem