Transfer of flood flows across Mseno water project

2013  ·  Water structures

This waterworks construction increases the already implemented flood prevention measures in the town of Jablonec nad Nisou. It modernizes and increases the capacity of the original water management structures and adds new structures.

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 379,000,000

The construction was implemented with the flood prevention function of Mseno dam and the intake galleries being functional throughout the whole period of construction. The project included modifications increasing the capacity of the water distribution structures on Luzicka and Bila Nisa, extension of the current intake gallery, building of a new intake structure with a new discharge tunnel leading to an outlet structure which is a part of the confluence of the Luzicka and Bila Nisa rivers. The project includes the construction of water management structures, driven and cut-and-cover tunnels, shafts, retaining walls, modification of roads, relocations and connections of utility lines, groundwork, technological equipment of technological units (sluice gates and segment gates controlled with actuators) and a control system connected with safe transfer of flood flows through Mseno dam as a means of protecting Jablonec nad Nisou as well as the towns located downstream. The tunnels were driven by an observation method (so-called NATM method), incl. primary lining with shotcrete and final lining with reinforced concrete. The distribution structures have been designed as monolithic constructions with stone facing.

  • client
    Povodi Labe, state-owned enterprise
    11/2011 - 11/2013
    Luzicka Nisa, Jablonec nad Nisou