A 25 m long indoor swimming pool with water attractions

2001  ·  Sports facilities

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 141,000,000

The location of the construction in the area of a former landfill and in close vicinity of the river Ploucnice (and thus in a floodplain) greatly influenced the structural design of the whole project, particularly its foundations. The structure is based on large-diameter bored piles and its basement is formed by a compact reinforced concrete tank with the upper edge in “Q100“ (i.e. above the 100-year flood level). The above-ground part of the building is then a combination of vertical masonry structures, horizontal reinforced concrete structures and supplementary steel structures with a partially flat and a partially shed roof. Besides a 25 m long swimming pool, the building also houses two outdoor and one wide indoor toboggan slides, two whirlpool baths, relaxing swimming pool with a canal to an outdoor artificial river and a children’s wading pool. There is also a wellness, a gym, massages, solariums and other supplementary services. Naturally, there are both common and separate dressing rooms, showers and toilets for visitors. The operation of the whole premises is based on thermal water which is used in the swimming pools (after a treatment which makes it drinkable), for heating of the building with heat pumps, in the showers and as service water before it is discharged into the sewers.

  • client
    The town of Decin
    2/1999 - 06/2001