Reconstruction and completion of sports facilities in Ceska Lipa

2008  ·  Sports facilities

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 251,000,000

The sports complex in Ceska Lipa consists of an ice-hockey rink and a swimming pool with attractions. This reconstruction concerned the ice-hockey rink where the roof was replaced completely, arched glued tie beams were refurbished, the original playing surface was demolished and a new concrete one was laid, the players’ and spectators’ facilities (including the stands, a new restaurant and buffet) were completely reconstructed. Furthermore, the whole swimming pool facilities were reconstructed, ranging from the technical floor with engine rooms (refrigerating unit for the ice rink, cogeneration unit, air-conditioning and swimming pool technology), to the floor where the changing rooms, showers, WC, steam cabins and reception are located, and also the top floor with a dance studio and a gym. The original swimming pool hall was completely demolished as the supporting construction was in a state of severe disrepair and a brand new hall was built. To the original 25m swimming pool a children’s circular swimming pool, a paddling pool, a whirlpool, a recreational swimming pool with air massage beds, a bench with water jets, a pool with wave machine and water spouts, a separate wild river pool, an outdoor slide and an indoor double slide were added. In terms of heating the whole complex was designed very effectively. The heart of it is a cogeneration unit, which is connected to the heating medium inlet from the municipal heating plant, to a gas pipeline connection and to a refrigerating unit for the ice rink, which produces a lot of waste heat. Then the system of measuring and regulation guarantees using the most optimal and most economical source of heating. In the standby mode of the complex the system even returns the surplus heat back to the municipal central heat distribution system.

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    The town of Ceska Lipa
    08/2006 - 04/2008
    Ceska Lipa