Liberec swimming pool

2012  ·  Sports facilities

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 115,000,000

The construction of a 25-metre long swimming pool with six lanes and variable depth and wheelchair access  for the active spending of free time. We also built a warm up pool for preparation of organism for the physical activity pursuant to the principles of sports medicine, as well as classical Finnish sauna for pre-school children which allows them to take a sauna at reduced temperature taking other specifications of this group of young citizens of Liberec in consideration. The project included the construction of a diver training chamber – diving tower with the possibility of diver training both for members of the Integrated Rescue System and for water rescue crews. There are “platforms” at certain depths allowing the divers to get acquainted with the physical factors in the given depth. A see-through construction with the dimensions of 4×4 m and depth of 9 m enables other participants standing on “dry land” to watch the behaviour and training of their colleagues.  This facility can also be used by special interest groups of visitors. The project also includes the installation of a seawater “whirlpool bath“ which allows children with respiratory problems to inhale trace elements released from seawater and it is concurrently a suitable supplementary activity for all groups of visitors.

  • client
    Statutory town of Liberec
    08/2011 - 09/2012