FOXCONN Technology CZ manufacturing plant

2008  ·  Manufacturing halls and warehousing

The contract worth almost a billion was realized within 7 months.

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 874,000,000

In terms of construction it was a prefabricated skeleton in combination with a steel skeleton with the hall based on piles. The construction consists of three mutually connected buildings: hall 1, administration building and hall 2. At the entrance to the administration building there is a steel footbridge; this steel construction also includes an outdoor lift. The most complicated aspect was to equip the building with the required technology in such a short time. The reconstruction was caused by a realisation of a third hall, which had to be provided with intake media and technology from the existing halls, which caused the need to change, adjust and move a lot of things.

  • client
    Foxconn Technology CZ s.r.o.
    10/2007 - 06/2008
    Kutna Hora