Reconstruction and building addition to Dobiasova elementary school

2004  ·  Education and culture

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 189,000,000

Implementation of a project with significantly different technical and technologic parameters. On one side there was the reconstruction of the façade shell of the current building including the replacement of the original windows with piers between them with new wooden continuous windows, a contact thermal insulation system with painted plasters, additional thermal insulation of the roof and reconstruction of skylights. The reconstruction included the repair of the inside premises of the canteen and the original gyms. On the other side, there is the addition of the central gym building with other premises for relaxing activities – a swimming pool, a sauna and a cooling pool, a steam room, an exercise hall, and a fitness gym. The added building was seated in the slope in two-floor height which created rather difficult conditions for preparatory work and earthwork and also for laying the foundations. It is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure with masonry infill-walls. The roofs are flat with thermal insulation, covered with a foil and tiles used as walk-over terraces. The project also comprised of technological support facilities – machine shops and all installations. The central area is the main school gym which is fully equipped and adjusted for school activities, free time, and competitions. The façade wall of the gym is a combination of infill-walls of glass bricks and continuous swivel windows, there is a special cushioned wooden floor, safety and sound dampening wall lining of varnished splinter boards and ceiling lining with special acoustic slabs. The space has been complemented with small step-shaped stands for spectators.

  • client
    The statutory town of Liberec
    02/2002 - 04/2004