Exhibition, sport, culture and congress centre in Karlovy Vary

2009  ·  Sports facilities

The exhibition, sport, culture and congress centre in Karlovy Vary-Tuhnice is connected to the originally existing complex in a logical way and its centre is especially the athletics and football stadium AC Start, which is very close to other sporting areas situated nearby. The location of the building is connected to the municipal roads and public transport.

Price (excl. VAT) CZK 973,000,000

The main constructions include a multifunctional hall and training hall. The halls are connected by a connecting built-in covered bridge, with a predominantly technological purpose (heating, refrigeration). The multifunctional hall is the main structure of this building – the so-called arena. The surface of the playing area can be changed within a couple of hours, so that it can serve for different sport matches, as well as for concerts and other social/cultural events. The training hall serves especially for training of sportsmen, but the size of the playing area enables the organization of regular matches. A significant feature of this hall is also the fact that it can be used as an ice-rink for public skating. On the upper floor of the hall there are spaces for the sports club offices, the administration of the complex and rooms for business activities.

  • client
    The town of Karlovy Vary
    12/2006 - 06/2009
    Karlovy Vary