26.9. 2019     Prague

SYNER is currently constructing or has recently completed projects amounting to CZK 4 billion in Prague

You would have to be blind not to have seen the SYNER construction company’s logo in Prague in recent months. This company has long been conducting its business in the Czech capital, although it is still based in Liberec and, therefore, can be considered one of the largest employers, thanks to its hundreds of suppliers. SYNER in Prague is currently constructing or has completed projects worth just under CZK 4 billion. That is a remarkable figure.

The most recently completed project is the “sister” of the Vysočany O2 Arena, O2 Universum, with a value exceeding CZK 1 billion. The project, which was begun in January 2018 and completed this September, represented the completion of a multi-purpose complex, referred to as the Small Arena. The site is adjacent to the O2 Arena building from its south section, and it extends across four storeys with a total area of almost 50,000 square metres. The multi-purpose centre offers 24 different meeting spaces for holding international conferences and corporate events. The largest meeting space, with a capacity for up to 4,500 people, can be used to host medium-sized concerts and sporting events. The investor was Bestsport, which owns and operates the O2 Arena, and the contractor for the project was SYNER in a consortium with other construction firms. Today O2 Universum will kick off its activities with a concert by the Czech pop group Kabát.


Since the start of the year, SYNER has been building the Office Hybernská project in the centre of the capital. It is expected to be completed next September. Paper industry magnate and billionaire Milan Fiľo, as the daily newspaper E15 termed him, is implementing an office project by redeveloping a listed building linked to the Hybernia Theatre. The redevelopment of the building located at Hybernská 1 has been sensitively planned so that it does not disrupt the urban or historical value of the location. The main priority is halting the gradual deterioration of the neo-Classicist site in the heart of Prague. All preserved historic features of the interior will be artistically restored, and the new details will be mainly made from stone, glass and metal. The site will offer a total of 1,220 square metres of office and commercial space for lease. The plan includes preservation of the important pedestrian walkway between Hybernská and V Celnici Streets.

Two other prestigious office buildings, specifically Office Park Telehouse and Harfa Office Center, will soon be completed and handed over to investors. 


Office Park Telehouse is another billion-crown project for SYNER. It involves an extension, additional storey and modifications to the existing automatic telephone exchange located on Generála Píky Street in Prague 6 - Dejvice. The construction modifications will transform the site into a service centre for operators, and it will consist of six above-ground and four underground storeys and offer 20,000 square metres of commercial office space. On the ground floor, there will be entrance and access areas, commercial areas, catering facilities, administrative spaces and areas for maintained telecommunications technology. Administrative spaces will be built on the first to fifth floors. The underground space will have 193 available parking places. There will also be commercial spaces. The project will also include the rebuilding of the intersection of Generála Píky Street and an access roadway leading to the Hotel Diplomat.


Harfa Office Center will also be worth billions of Czech crowns. It will consist of a complex of new administrative buildings in Prague’s Libeň district. It will offer more than 30,000 square metres of administrative space, a pharmacy, a diner with a café and a large underground car park with nearly a hundred parking places. The investors in the project are the investment groups KAPRAIN Group and Lighthouse Group. 


However, SYNER is also implementing public amenities in Prague. For example, it is building a home for seniors in Bohnice, which is scheduled to be completed in November of next year. This is a construction project for seniors requiring special care, who will be staying there together with the other pensioners. The building will also include a kitchen and medical supplies dispensary. There will also be facilities for a children’s group and home care services. And, of course, there will also be doctor’s surgeries. The project will even include kitchen furnishings. The home is expected to offer up to 400 beds. 


Additional storeys for the Health Centre at Budějovická are also expected to be completed in a year’s time. That project will involve a two-storey addition to individual parts of the health centre’s building. Now there is one four-storey part and one two-storey part. The new spaces will house an obstetrics and gynaecology department, dentists, research laboratories and also part of the technological infrastructure. 


SYNER will be signed as the contractor under another project worth a billion crowns, Prague’s Hotel Backstage, which is expected to open within two years. The new eight storey hotel is being built in the close vicinity of the O2 Arena. It will offer nearly 300 rooms with a capacity exceeding 600 beds. The hotel will include multiple meeting and conference spaces, restaurants, bars, fitness centres and covered parking places.


However, SYNER is also implementing its prestigious projects beyond the boundaries of the capital. Currently the largest of such projects that it is working on is the new headquarters for Česká obchodní banka in Hradec Králové, which will be worth much more than a billion crowns. Work on it was begun this September, and it is scheduled to be completed by May 2021. More than a thousand employees of the bank are expected to be employed in the new Hradec Králové regional headquarters of the bank as of 2021. Besides regional services, however, the largest ČSOB building outside of Prague will become the seat of important banking divisions serving the entire country, mainly a call centre and processing centre.


The building will also be interesting for its extraordinary environmental friendliness. Other unique features will include management of thermal energy. The premises will be heated and cooled with heat pumps using geothermal energy by means of 108 energy-extracting piles up to 200 metres deep. These systems together with the high-quality, active envelope of the premises, the use of accumulation capabilities of the structures, thorough recovery of the heat from internal sources and arrangements for natural ventilation of the building will secure a favourable internal environment in the building while ensuring very economical operation as well. 


The development of new laboratories and a transfusion department at the Trutnov Regional Hospital are also worthy of attention. The construction project will be divided into two phases. The first phase will address redevelopment of the pavilion, where the departments of medical microbiology and immunology are located. After the redevelopment work is finished, the clinical biochemistry department will move into the space. During the second phase, the pavilions of the dermatology and pulmonary departments will undergo demolition, and after the redevelopment and completion of the adjacent building, the transfusion and nuclear medicine departments will move there.


In Moravia, SYNER is building a multi-purpose sports facility in Modřice. This project includes transformation of the existing site and addition of a new sports facility, which will replace the current unsatisfactory gym. It is in bad condition, lacks sufficient capacity and neither meets the needs of the local school nor those of the public. For example, professional sports matches of the local football tennis team, one of the best teams in the country, cannot be held there. After its completion, the facility will be used in particular by the primary school, with which it will be newly connected through an underground corridor. There will also be a newly built fitness centre, which will be usable separately from the gym and swimming pool. The pool will be used primarily for swimming classes of pupils from lower primary school levels. The entire premises for accommodation of hosting sports teams will also be rebuilt. 


SYNER is building a new facility in Otrokovice for the Swedish firm Trelleborg. After its completion, its staff will manufacture large tyres for farming equipment and large cars. The project will also include relocations, utility lines, nitrogen management and facility management technology.


It is clear from the current construction projects being implemented throughout the Czech Republic that SYNER is one of the top companies in the domestic construction market and that its people have been instrumental in numerous interesting and, sometimes, unique projects. The mix of implemented office, infrastructure and industrial projects provides clear evidence that even in its 28th year of existence, the company is faring very well in the domestic construction market.